A preview shoot of my movie idea, Red Moon

List of Movie Ideas: horror ideas in 201

== July 8, 2010- Bloodsoak (Rated "R"): The idea's plot revolves around a deranged man who forces his ten victims of death to kill each other without mercy. If one of them survives, they must proceed to kill the man (whose name is not yet revealed) in order to return home. This movie came to my mind based off the Saw franchise and the slasher flick Hatchet put together (if this movie were real, I am sure fans of gory movies would like this).

July 8, 2010- Fats Vs Chucky (Rated "R"): The plot revolves around the killer doll, Chucky continuing his dark harvest into death. Although after returning home, he is seen in the fiery depths of Hell (or whatever, it's a movie idea) meeting face-to-face with a doll named Fats. During these tragic events, Chucky is faced with a decision: either to leave his evil ways and return to his human body, or continue life as a killer doll whose soul traps inside it. The idea has references based on the Freddy vs. Jason film. For those who love this bastardized, but quite thrilling slasher, this new Chucky film should at least be a crowd pleaser.

October 1, 2010- Emo Goreparty! (Rated "NC-17"): This film idea is too disturbing and graphic for America to handle!!! But, this movie follows four friends who are introduced into the emo lifestyle, reluctantly... Unfortunately, those who have been emo are mutant cannibals who feed off of non-emo people. The movie has no intention in being released in other countries, and will be only suitable for people who could handle a film idea that includes extreme violence, graphic language, and partial nudity. Trust me: DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!!! Too much gore in this film could result in dizziness or even headaches. Was conceived from the likes of Slither (2006 film) and The Exorcist.

October 21, 2010- Red Moon (Rated "PG-13"): Despite the name of the idea, this movie appears to have not that much gore, and only a bit of nudity. There is no dialogue. The plot revolves around a young boy (the main protagonist) who is infected with Bloodthirsty carnage. He forms a band of wolves (this ain't a Twilight reference!! I'm not dumb) in order to heal his disease. The idea is based off of Bug, and it's also animated.

December 23, 2010- Destruction of the Zombie Snowmen (Rated "PG-13"): The name comes from a joke suggested by preteens. The joke contains the sentence, "What if snowmen were infected with a virus outbreak that turned them into zombies?" That quote is part of this idea's plot... It centers around two children and their older brother, who seems to can't decide with the amnesia going on about viruses. The boy later goes into the family backyard during Christmas Eve to look on the family snowman (who appears different due to the outbreak of the zombie virus). The rest of the plot is yet to be revealed, but if this movie were real, I bet this year, Christmas horror movies would definitely go out to this idea. The idea is based on the Resident Evil franchise

List of Movie Ideas: horror ideas of 2011/2012Edit

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